Harvesting, cycling, soccer fan!

  • When I am not doing science, I like to spend time with my wife Tessa and toddler son, and our pets, Kush, Athena and Lola (in Mexico City with la Abuela), drink a cold beer and harvest some veggies!
  • I love to cycle to the University, enjoying the outstanding landscapes of Vancouver. If it´s raining I like to ride the bus and read a book.
  • I like to travel, especially in the country, getting to know new places and people!
  • I exercise my neurons learning Dutch, so far I know around 800 words, Goed zo!
  • I love to cook, and if it is from the garden to the table, even better! My favourite dish is chilaquiles with “tatemada” charred sauce.
  • I play the diatonic harmonica!