Have you ever described yourself? Yes, it is a tough one!

I was born in the majestic Mexico City, I grew up in one of the purest urban environments you can imagine. Just there I decided to change my life and started taking my first scientific steps far away from home.

I moved to La Paz, BCS, to study marine biology at my alma mater, the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur. I joined the Reef Systems Lab, led by Dr. Héctor Reyes-Bonilla. I planned to study the Trapezia crab, that lives between the corals, but circumstantially, an unusual coral bleaching event that hit the reefs caught my attention, so I described it in my BSc dissertation.

I decided to further my studies doing more reef-related stuff, so I entered the graduate program at Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste. I was a fellow at the Nekton and Reef Ecology Lab, led by Prof. Balart-Páez, where I analysed the skeletal traits of the emerald coral, Porites panamensis. My research was the first to identify sex-related dimorphism in corals and its possible relationship to environmental conditions.

I am currently doing my PhD at the Coastal and Climate Ecosystem Lab of the University of British Columbia where I have the honour to be guided by Dr. Simon Donner. I am aiming to develop an algorithm that helps to understand past bleaching events and predict future.

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